With out motorcycle boots on your feet for protection and women’s motorcycle apparel on your body, serious damage can occur.

It is scary how many women will get on their motorcycle with out the proper motorcycle boots and motorcycle apparel on.  I see it every day. Women that jump on their motorcycles or on the back of a friends bike, wearing nothing but shorts, a tank top and a pair of flip flops. That is just crazy.

The proper women’s motorcycle gear and motorcycle boots should be worn every time you go for a motorcycle ride. Statistic’s show that women have the fastest rising motorcycle injury and fatality rate in-between men and women riders. Partly because more and more women are riding motorcycles, women are getting motorcycles that they can not handle and women riders are not wearing the proper motorcycle apparel.

Women’s motorcycle boots will protect your feet… Just think for one second. Image a belt sander with 50 grit sandpaper on it. You wouldn’t place your hand on it while it was turned on, would you?  Why? Because it would grind the flesh right off your hand, right?

Well then why would anybody jump on a motorcycle wearing just a pair of flip flops and drive down the road at any speed, and not expect to lose a few pounds of flesh should a mishap occur?

The same goes for motorcycle apparel that is made for women riders. Women’s motorcycle apparel can and will protect you from a bad case of road rash.  A good pair of full fingered leather gloves will save your hands and prevent finger loss. And a well fitted DOT motorcycle helmet can and will, in most cases save you from becoming a vegetable or even death.

Motorcycle riding in the open air is the closest thing to freedom most of us are ever going to get. Lets face it is exhilarating, and exciting as the adrenalin starts to flow through your veins. Most motorcycles can go from 0 to tried semenax 60 in as little as 4 seconds. That’s fast and powerful. But, imagine coming to a grinding stop as you hit the ground. Believe me, it wont’ be in 4 seconds and your will be grinding. Well unless you hit a brick wall or something.  In that case, good luck with that.

My point is, with out leather or mesh motorcycle apparel and a good pair of women’s motorcycle boots on when you ride, it is going to be like placing your hand on a belt sander. You are going to lose a ton of skin…

I would like to show you what I mean. I have added a link to a few images to help you understand what I am talking about. Please note, these images are graphic in nature. So if you have a weak stomach you may want to forgo looking at them. Look at your own risk.  To see what could happen if you insist on wearing things like shorts, a tank top and flip flops and don’t wear the proper women’s motorcycle apparel and motorcycle boots when you ride.

I know what you wear when you ride your motorcycle is a personal choice. I am not here to tell you what to wear, be it motorcycle boots and leather motorcycle apparel or a motorcycle helmet. That is your choice. I am not here to judge you if decide to not wear women’s motorcycle apparel or women’s motorcycle boots either. Again, that is your choice.  Although, I am here to recommend that you do.

I love motorcycling, and I care about the people that ride. The only way I know how to show I that care, is to share a little life saving wisdom and to recommend to all of you, when you get on your motorcycle and go out for a ride, please wear the right gear. If you wear the right women’s motorcycle apparel and women’s motorcycle boots it will save your hide and most likely your life.


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